Tuesday, July 14, 2015

General Store

This shop is a special place in the Outer Sunset just a few blocks from the ocean and that influence is strong. They sell a lot of handmade ceramics, jewelry, vintage clothes and shoes, guide books, provisions, and a slew of other gems both locally made and from afar. One of my favorite things about this well curated shop is the mellow California good vibes. That brings me to the photos that are less about store inventory and more about the feel and all those succulents.

Hello, and welcome to San Francisco!

I've been blogging about San Francisco since I moved here in 2008 to help friends and family keep up on what I'm up to and to share a few favorites with those planning a trip to SF or locals looking for new spots to explore. After taking a break from blogging (it's a lot of work) and using Instagram instead I have now decided to pick up blogging again, but with a more easy to use style focusing on SF spots. Instagram will still have my day to day photos and you can see them all here.